All about us

Getting richer everyday! Not in monetary value but certainly in character substance.

We’ve began our adventures back in October 2013, where we visited South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada (where we worked for 3 months) and Iceland over an 11 month period. After returning to reality we decided to take another big trip, because the trade bug was not satisfied. This time travelling to more challenging counties, where English is not quite as widely spread. We visited Russia, Mongolia, China, Tibet and Nepal during the winter period which was alone a challenge and meant our backpacks were significantly heavier. The weather soon improved when we left Nepal for Myanmar, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and then USA.

At the moment we are back in Scotland pursuing our careers and being absorbed into everyday life. However, we are always planning new adventures so keep your eye out for new trips or if you can suggest anything that you have done and loved let us know, we are open to suggestions.

Our original blog was composed on blogspot, but we found this software repeatedly unreliable when we were travelling so switched to wordpress. If you are interested in our earlier travels please check the blog below.

Thank you for taking an interest in our escapades, I hope you’ve found what you’ve read useful and entertaining. We love it when people like or comment on our page so hit the button and let us know what you think. Happy travels!


2 thoughts on “All about us

  1. alex broadfoot says:

    Hi Sarah and Allan

    The new blog is great. So glad to hear from you again and loved your recent pics. Keep in touch… luvyaloadzzz.xxxx dad

    • sarahbroadz says:

      Thanks Dad, glad you like it. I hope you have noticed the fact that there are dates and even times on there too haha . Love you xxxxx

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